Introducing Japan

We introduce beautiful Japan, please check out these links to find something great.

*Synthetic Japan guide…
You can see Daily earthquake updates, special events, sightseeing spots, information for transportation, accomodations, and other update travel information about Japan

*Asabe Nihongo Gakkoo (Asabe Japanese Language School)
Study Japanese and stay in Hiroshima. They have a short homestay program.

Through “Japanese For All People” they give you a special extra lessons.

You will enjoy learning by an experienced Japanese teacher, authentic Japanese food and sight seeing in beautiful Hiroshima.

*Midream School of Japanese

Our sister school in Tokyo has short term useful Japanese courses and fun culture experience programs.

“Japanese For All People” has a great deal for it, for more info. contact us

*Wakuwaku Japanese Language and Culture School

Kyushu is southern island of Japan, the school is near Aso which is the famous for its Onsen.

They have a variety or cultural programs. You can enjoy learning not only Japanese language but also experience authentic Japanese life.