English lessons

English lessons are taught by qualified and experienced native English teachers. Our main instructor has taught in Japan, France, Nepal, and in Canada.

The lessons are designed aroud your particular needs, for example:

  1. improving your conversation skills, supporting your school studies (e.g. ESL, college)
  2. preparing for your Toefle, Toeic exam
  3. preparing for your future job.

A counsellor will keep track of your studies to reach your goal. You will also have many opportunities to practice your English (free of charge) as you meet other people who are taking Japanese lessons at our language centre. You may also be interested in our Conversation Club.

We teach private lessons as well as small group lessons.

Fee: private lessons….$25/hour
semi private lessons….$50 for 2 people, 1.5hours
3, 4 people….$20/each person, 2 hours

Location: Japanese For All People Language Center

Time: at your convenience

Lessons may be available at other locations, for more information please contact us.




レッスンはそれぞれの必要や希望に応じて、カリキュラムが組まれます。たとえば、英会話上達、ESLやカレッジなどの学校の補習、TOEFLやTOEIC などの試験準備、仕事のための英語など。

私たちの日本語クラスで日本語を学ぶ人々との交流を通して、英語を練習する機会もあります。これは無料です。Conversation Club のページを参照してください。詳細は contact us.